5 Natural Products for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Green cleaning is an option that every landlord should consider when in need for an end of tenancy cleaning.  In addition to being cost-friendly, there are health benefits when green cleaning is practiced. However, the truth is that many cleaning services that are engaged to do end of tenancy cleaning prefer to use powerful, harsh chemicals for fast results. The consequences of this are toxic residues and damage to water sources when the water effluent seeps into groundwater. As a landlord, you can demand friendlier cleaning using green cleaning products. Cleaning products with the following products should be on your list.

Essential oils

These are natural extracts from plants and herbs like lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, rosewood, and eucalyptus. These natural extracts are powerful cleaning agents with antibiotic and antifungal properties. The good thing about them is the fresh scent they leave behind. As busy London can get, having fresh scented home is a must.


This is a cleaning product that has been long used for home cleaning products. Borax is very effective in killing and chasing off pests including bigger pests like mice. Borax can be mixed with other cleaning agents like vinegar in different ratios to make different kinds of cleaning products like degreasers and scrubbers.


This is another staple cleaning product. Its acidic properties are very effective in making cleaning products including stain removers. Undiluted vinegar is especially powerful and can be used to clean off grease, and colour stains. It can also be used to polish glass and mirror surfaces. The good thing is that vinegar is non-toxic and can be used to formulate cleaning products for kitchen appliances as well as degrease the fridge and oven.

Washing/baking soda

This is another all-round cleaning agent with good grease cutting properties. It is safe for use in the kitchen and works well with textiles too. It can be used to make scrubbers, degreasers and polishing agents when it is mixed with vinegar and salt. Unlike vinegar, baking soda is non-acidic meaning it can be safely used on wrought iron and other metallic surfaces without corrosion.


Salt is a powerful cleaning agent whether it is common salt or sea salt. It is very effective in killing off stale odours. Salt can be effectively used in clearing sink drains and clearing off water ring stains on chrome surfaces. A salt and vinegar mixture can be safely used for cleaning copper and brass surfaces.

Denatured alcohol

Industrial alcohol is a very effective disinfectant. It can be diluted with water and used on caulking and other absorbent surfaces to kill off mould and mildew. This method can be used in end of tenancy cleaning London. Note also that you may need some professional cleaning materials as end of tenancy cleaning service is generally regarding as deep cleaning and more powerful cleaning solutions may be needed to ensure your home is sparkled cleaned again.