Protecting your wine from the elements is just the beginning. At Marin Wine Vaults we also make security a top priority.

It all starts with our resident manager. No other wine storage facility in California has someone living on-siteMarin Wine Vaults offers the latest in security technology, including a network of security cameras to provide surveillance at the facility.

Each vault is individually alarmed and includes hardware on the doors for your own lock. In order to access your wine vault, you must enter your personal security code and locker number in the keypad at the manager’s office to deactivate the alarm system to your vault.

The doors to every vault are solid to keep contents from being visible from the outside. The vaults are framed in steel and meet Seismic Zone 4 / Earthquake requirements. All precautions have been taken to give you peace of mind so that you’ll know your wine investment is safe and secure.