Fabulous Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Every year, there’s a flurry of catchy headlines claiming that moderate consumption of red wine is indeed good for your health and well-being. While the revelations may not be new to the world, the benefits are too good to pass. From trimming belly fat to keeping heart diseases at bay, here are top reasons why you should continue sipping that red wine.

Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

Who could have thought red wine can bolster such health benefits, right? A few years back, scientists discovered that Tempranillo red grapes used to churn out some red wines are rich in polyphenols and fibers that keep LDL – the bad cholesterol – in check. Besides, the antioxidants in red wines are known to make blood vessels pliable, reducing the risk of undesired internal clotting.

Good for Your Heart

As aforementioned, polyphenols – the antioxidants loaded in red wines – keep the blood vessels and heart channels flexible, preventing unnecessary clotting. Besides, the chemical agents also reduce LDL level in blood. This way, red wine reduces the risk of heart attack.

Red Wines Lower the Risk of Dementia

An elaborate study conducted by research fellows at the Medical Center of Loyola University discovered that moderate drinkers of red wines are 23% less likely to be inflicted by dementia. Of course, dementia has become big headache for many US seniors in the past two decades or so. Although the research led by Professor Edward J. Nisei doesn’t urge non-drinkers to hop onto the bandwagon, it revealed the apparent health benefits of red wine.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Resveratrol, a natural compound found in abundance in the skin of top red grapes, may indeed aid diabetic control their blood sugar. On the plus, resveratrol is also known to be significantly effective in bringing down systolic blood pressure and total cholesterol. Although how it regulates blood sugar is not well known, some scientists speculate that resveratrol may play a key role in simulations of insulin secretion and activation proteins that help control insulin and glucose sensitivity.

Low in Calories, Rich in Slimming Nutrients

With millions of people around the world obese, it’s a huge sigh of relief that red wine can indeed help you slim down. Well, most credit goes to resveratrol too. Besides regulating blood sugar, resveratrol is also known to reduce growth of fat cells.

Spruce Up Your Meals

Red wines are known to be low on calories and rich in vitamins, antioxidants and so much more. Well, who can argue with a pair of good cheese and a glass of red wine, right?