How to Find a Compatible Flatmate for Flatshare Birmingham

Getting woken up at 3 a.m. three days in a row in the middle of a busy week can be pretty maddening to the point of getting physical at the culprit. Yet this could happen to you on a regular basis if you get into a flatshare arrangement with flatmates who have a different lifestyle from yours. Indeed, incompatibility in personalities is probably the biggest cause of flatshare fallouts after financial disagreements. When hunting for a flatshare Birmingham, you should concentrate in finding compatible flatmates as much as an affordable rent. How can you find the near perfect flatmate?

Have a compatibility check

What qualities do you want in a flatmate? Do you want the quiet type whose presence is rarely noticed, or do you want the party type who is good for a night out every day? A good compatibility list can only be drawn up by looking at your own personality with an honest eye. In personalities, opposites never attract.

Look at mutual friends

Your friends are top on the compatibility list. They are people who already share most of your interests. These are guys who already know that you have a tendency to get rowdy after a few drinks, or break out in prayer in the middle of the night. Check out friends on social media too. That guy who keeps chatting up on the latest release of Call of Duty shares your love for gaming and will not mind your night gaming marathons.

Have a one on one

Chatting online with a potential flatmate is good for breaking the ice, but to really feel out their personality, a meeting in person is the best forum. This is where you can look them in the eye and hear out their views on different issues. If you can’t get along during the meeting, it is highly unlikely that living together will change the situation.

Ask the right questions

Get direct answers to basic questions on compatibility. Examples are:

  • Are you employed?
  • What are your sleeping habits?
  • How well do you clean up?
  • Will you be bringing in any pets?
  • Will you be having girlfriend/boyfriend over, and how frequently?
  • Do you drink or smoke?
  • What time do you shower?
  • What are your hobbies?

These answers will give you a pretty good idea of who you are dealing with and you can use them to check off your compatibility list.

Get their views

What is your potential flatmate looking for in a flatshare Birmingham arrangement? What does he expect of a flatmate? In any case, go along with your instincts.